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Why should you join the International Institute for Sustainable Tourism (IIST)? The Institute is a professional organisation and network for all those who work in and/or study the tourism and travel sector.By becoming a member of IIST, which has the aim of promoting and developing a wider knowledge and understanding of sustainable tourism, you will be able to improve and maintain standards of professional competence and to network with people in the international tourism industry with similar interests.



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Footprints on the beachThe benefits of membership include:

  • Access via the Knowledge Hub to good practice, key policies and views on sustainable tourism
  • Network with other members and gain access to information about sustainable tourism
  • Help to strengthen, coordinate and encourage the adoption and implementation of sustainable tourism policies
  • Gain recognition of your continuing professional development activities in sustainable tourism
  • Link with universities, other higher education institutions and others to learn about best practice in sustainable tourism management
  • Opportunity to work with others to explore and deliver national and regional events of relevance to sustainable tourism

The different grades of free membership:

Member: (MIIST) Members will normally have an eligible qualification and a minimum of three years’ experience in sustainable tourism management. Applicants without an eligible qualification shall have a minimum of five years’ experience in sustainable tourism management

Students: Anyone registered on a tourism or sustainable tourism management course at a further or higher education establishment may be admitted as a student member of the Institute.

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