Aims of the Institute

The Aims and Objectives of the International Institute for Sustainable Tourism (IIST) are:

  • To promote and develop a wider knowledge and understanding of sustainable tourism
  • To improve and maintain the standards of professional competence of those  engaged in sustainable tourism and tourist services
  • To devise and encourage standards of knowledge and skill
  • Encourage universities and other higher education institutions to research best practice in sustainable tourism management
  • To deliver national events of relevance to sustainable tourism managers
  • To appoint representatives of the Institute to serve on national and  regional bodies and Working Groups and use the reports of those representatives to guide future policy and advocacy work
  • To work with members and partner organisations to develop and promote IIST’s key policies and views and to advocate the importance of sustainable tourism management
  • To promote and develop networking opportunities for members
  • Advance the science and art of sustainable tourism management through supporting and developing professional persons working in sustainable tourism management

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