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Why should you join the International Institute for Sustainable Tourism (IIST)?

The Institute is a professional organisation and network for all those who work in and/or study the tourism and travel sector.

By becoming a member of IIST, which has the aim of promoting and developing a wider knowledge and understanding of sustainable tourism, you will be able to improve and maintain standards of professional competence and to network with people in the international tourism industry with similar interests.


Footprints in the Sand 640pxThe benefits of membership include:

  • Access via the Knowledge Hub to good practice, key policies and views on sustainable tourism
  • Network with other members and gain access to information about sustainable tourism
  • Help to strengthen, coordinate and encourage the adoption and implementation of sustainable tourism policies
  • Gain recognition of your continuing professional development activities in sustainable tourism
  • Link with universities, other higher education institutions and others to learn about best practice in sustainable tourism management
  • Opportunity to work with others to explore and deliver national and regional events of relevance to sustainable tourism

The different grades of free membership:

Member: (MIIST) Members will normally have an eligible qualification and a minimum of three years’ experience in sustainable tourism management. Applicants without an eligible qualification shall have a minimum of five years’ experience in sustainable tourism management

Students: Anyone registered on a tourism or sustainable tourism management course at a further or higher education establishment may be admitted as a student member of the Institute.

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We welcome anyone who works in the tourism sector anywhere worldwide to join the International Institute for Sustainable Tourism.

Membership is FREE but is restricted to bona fide full-time and part-time employees who work in the tourism sector worldwide…and students of tourism related subjects.


All IIST full members may use the letters MIIST after their name (e.g. John Smith MIIST)

By becoming a member of IIST you can…CLICK HERE TO JOIN FOR FREE

  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainable, ethical and socially responsible tourism that contributes to the world’s economic and social development
  • Join a network of world tourism professionals that want to share their knowledge, innovation and best practices in sustainable tourism.
  • Be part of the growing global trend by joining other like minded people in both the public and private sectors who are co-operating to exchange information and develop and improve sustainable tourism businesses and projects by disseminating and encouraging best practices.
  • Be part of an Institute that will work with multilateral and national financial institutions and provide access to expertise, products training and toolkits.
  • Be part of a group aiming to raise the international profile of  sustainable tourism in its widest sense.
  • Be part of a network of sustainable tourism practitioners and create long lasting cooperative arrangements
  • Keep abreast of news, innovation and the best practices in Sustainable Tourism.

IIST Code of Conduct

This is website and online forum is hosted by the International Institute for Sustainable Tourism (IIST).

We ask you to safeguard the integrity of the ISST and the website by adherence to the following conditions.

As ISST members we aim to:

  • share ideas and knowledge in relation to sustainable tourism and to disseminate good ideas and practice
  • maintain a professional attitude of good practice and objective thinking, respecting the opinions and contributions of all users
  • interact positively to keep forum discussions on track
  • provide useful, relevant and non-judgemental postings which add value to discussions
  • show respect and due regard for all individuals irrespective of  race, cultural values, religious beliefs, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation and social differences
  • write in user friendly language which is clear, concise and adopt an appropriate tone
  • claim ownership of postings, safeguard your password and only write in your own name
  • refrain from any offensive language or statements which may be considered insulting, defamatory or illegal
  • respect issues of confidentiality and seek permission when referring to individuals or organisations and when quoting words or displaying images of others
  • take responsibility for what is submitted, clearing copyright on any materials used
  • refrain from revealing personal contact details or other information obtained from the IIST website to third parties without the express permission of individuals involved
  • avoid ‘spamming’ (which includes posting the same message to several people/groups) and the transmission of viruses


The members area of the IIST website is restricted to IIST members only. As a members only area, it is an area where confidential information, discussion threads and links are available and viewable to other IIST members. Any member who reveals confidential information and/or passwords to third parties shall be have their access rights withdrawn.

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